Heart of adoptions reviews

By | July 19, 2017

Heart of Adoptions is a well-known adoption agency based in Florida. They have offices spread out across various locations in Florida, including Coconut Creek, Merritt Island, Naples, Orlando and Tampa. This adoption agency has been around since 2001 and was founded by a practicing adoption attorney. Over the years, they have built a reputation of making adoptions easy for birth parents as well as adoptive parents.
This adoption agency is licensed and assists people with all types of adoptions in Florida. Whether it is adopting a baby, a stepchild, a grandchild, a relative, a teenager or a friend’s baby, this agency helps out everyone. Apart from the various types of adoption, this agency also offers training and orientation courses for prospective parents. Furthermore, this adoption agency also carries out adoption home studies, licensing studies and supervision post placement.

Heart of Adoptions boasts of having an excellent staff of trained and experienced adoption professionals. Moreover, this agency offers assistance 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. As a full-service agency, prospective parents don’t need to seek any outside help for adoption – Heart of Adoptions does it all.

This adoption agency is quite popular with adoptive parents in Florida as they treat every adoption case individually. Their helpful and friendly staff work with immense flexibility and confidentiality and treat adoptive parents and children with respect. However, because of the popularity of this adoption agency, prospective parents may expect a waiting time associated with adoptions.

As opposed to other adoption agencies in Florida, Heart of Adoptions does not rely on traditional adoption profile books. Instead, this agency makes use of a modern “Parentfinder” online program. This advanced program makes it very easy for prospective parents to find the best match for their needs.

Heart of Adoptions is not a community-based adoption care agency. As such, there are certain costs and fees associated with this adoption agency. Thankfully, Florida law offers various tax reliefs to adoptive parents and this can offset costs significantly.

When it comes to finding the best child placing agency in Florida, Heart of Adoptions is second to none. They offer assistance for all types of adoptions and they even offer training courses and orientation programs. Their scope of services covers pregnancy care, adoption care and interventions. Moreover, they make use of unique techniques to match the best child to prospective parents. All in all, Heart of Adoptions is one of the most well-known adoption agencies in Florida and it is trusted by many prospective parents.