How to adopt a child Hialeah Florida

By | July 19, 2017

Child adoptions in Hialeah are governed under the Florida law. Thankfully, the law makes it very simple and efficient to adopt a child. All that prospective parents need to do is to be eligible for adoption. Both married couples as well as individuals above the age of 21 are eligible for adoption in Hialeah. However, prospective parents must be financially as well as emotionally sound before they can adopt a child. Also, the process differs slightly depending on the type of adoption.
In case prospective parents are related to the child, then adoption is much simpler. Prospective parents simply need to file petition Form 12.981 (b) (1), furnishing all details of the child being adopted. The consent of the child’s biological parents is not necessary for adoption. Once the court approves the petition, the adoption can be finalized. This process usually takes 1-2 months to complete.

However, if the prospective parents are not related to the child, then adoption takes much longer. In this case, prospective parents need to undergo training and get a licensing or home study conducted. After all this is done, the child is placed in their custody. But, adoption is finalized only after the child spends 6 months in the new home. This entire process takes a minimum of 6-8 months to complete.

Whatever the type of adoption, things are much simpler if prospective parents take the help of adoption agencies or attorneys. Such adoption agencies and attorneys handle all aspects of adoption, ranging from training to certification and studies up to finding the right match.

Hialeah boasts of having a number of adoption agencies and adoption attorneys. Some of the most well-recognized adoption agencies in Hialeah, Florida include:
– Our Kids of Miami – Dade/Monroe
– ACF Adoptions

Such adoption attorneys and adoption agencies can dramatically simplify adoption for prospective parents. Most agencies and attorneys do charge a fee for handling adoption though. However, there are few community-based agencies which also offer free adoptions.

Alternatively, prospective parents can always make use of tax credits for adoption. Florida law offers certain tax relief options for parents, which can completely offset the cost of adopting a child.