How to adopt a grandchild in Florida


“According to Florida law, the procedure for adopting a grandchild is much the same as the procedure for adopting a stepchild. First of all, a petition must be filed by the adoptive grandparent (with or without the consent of the parent). The court needs to be notified and only after the court’s approval can adoption be done lawfully.

To file a petition and notify the court, Form 12.981 (b) (1) must be filled for adoption. This form must include the following information:
– Names of the adoptive grandparent and natural parent
– Names of the children being adopted
– Place and date of birth of the children being adopted
– Home address of the adoptive grandparent
– Statement of consent from the biological parents

Apart from this information, a certified birth certificate copy of the child and a UCCJEA affidavit should also be included with the petition form. In case the child is over 12 years old, the consent of the adoptee must also be provided alongside the petition.

Florida laws are quite relaxed so as to help grandparents adopt children. The adoption process is much more straightforward as compared to adopting a stepchild. There is no extensive requirement for background checks and home study and the process can be completed quickly and efficiently. Moreover, adoption of a grandchild is very economical as compared to standard adoptions. Most grandparents will also be eligible for the state offered adoption tax credit, which essentially makes adoption free.”

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