How to adopt a teenager in Florida


“The process for adopting a teenager in Florida is much the same as the normal adoption process. Prospective parents must clear certain eligibility criteria before adoption, unless they happen to be related to the child.

Both single parents as well as married couples can adopt a teenager in Florida. Parents will need to clear one of two training courses to be eligible for adoption. During these training courses, a licensing study or a home study will be conducted on the prospective parents. Once these studies are completed, the teenager will be allowed to live with the parents. And, when the teenager completes 6 months with the new family without any problems, then the adoption is finalized. Typically, this entire process takes at least 8 months to complete.

In case prospective parents happen to be related to the teenager, adoption is much simpler. In this case, prospective parents simply need to file a petition with the court. There are no extensive requirements for licensing or home studies and the entire process can be completed in 1-2 months. Adoption can take place with or without the consent of the teenager’s biological parents. In case consent is not given, the court may still allow adoption if it is in the best interests of the teenager.

To adopt a teenager, prospective parents can take the help of adoption agencies or adoption attorneys. Attorneys and agencies are available all across Florida. They can help prospective parents go through the adoption process without facing too many problems.”